Tuesday, March 30, 2010

These are my two latest paintings. The top painting is titled "Talleigh" and is 18x24 available through Cavalier Galleries. My favorite detail of this painting is the button on the side of her dress. It is an old button I have laying around my studio and I had a great time painting it. The bottom painting "Zoey" is already sold. I love the shirt on Zoey because once again it reminds me of something I would have worn as a little girl. I filed my taxes today....phew! It is the one day of year when I lay papers all over my studio and reckon with the stacks of receipts and papers I have kept all year. Yahoo, it is done and I even get a refund! I am working on some things I am just loving right now but once again I am painting for a solo show in November at Bonner David Gallery and don't want to reveal the images just yet. I will try and post a few bits and peices though. Thank you for those of you who actually follow and check my blog, sorry I am not more diligent at posting. It is all part of being pulled in too many directions as a mother and artist.