Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle to meet Liz Tran and attend her show at Some Space Gallery. My favorite part of my visit with Liz was getting the opportunity to visit her studio. I always think it is a treat to get to see where the actual creation process takes place and I found her studio especially inspiring. Liz was so great to let me go through her work and patient with me while I tried to choose what I wanted to buy. The two paintings posted above are the ones I chose. Liz thank you for the window into your world. I will never forget sitting in that great little cafe with you and talking art. I admire your work and honor what you are putting out into the world. I am truly touched by what you create!

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StrAinge said...

Great Blog Melissa! With my busy schedule I only have time to keep up with 3 blogs and yours is on the list. It's great to see you creating the art and life you desire. Congratulations! :-)