Friday, November 14, 2008

I switched the oil paint I was using to Rembrandt and I cannot even begin to express the difference it is already making in my painting. For the first time in a while now I can hardly wait to get to the easel painting is so much fun!

Kim Garfield, an amazing artist herself sent me something in an email describing my work and I was so struck by how perceptive she was about what I paint. It is very exciting to me when people and especially other artists are able to see beyond the surface of what I create. Anyway what she said was: "There is an earnestness emitting from your paintings. It's difficult to explain. And though you paint whimsical, almost nostalgic subject matter, there prevails a sense of loss.....a wish almost, that life as depicted in your paintings was the reality, not the unattained ideal." Kim, I thoroughly enjoyed lunch with you the other day. Thank you for the things you said... I needed to hear them more than you will know.

My friends at The Bridge academy asked me to be a guest speaker next Friday, November 21st. I will be addressing the students but it is open to anyone who would like to attend. I will be talking about my own path as an artist, things I have learned, and offering my advice and insight into pursuing a career as a professional artist. The Bridge is located in Provo and I will be speaking at 6 pm. For the exact address click on my link to the Bridge website under my artist friends.


maurerblog said...

That is a beautiful painting. I love the eyes they really hit you!

Mark Robison said...

melissa, what paints were you using before you switched to rembrandt? just curious.

Mark Robison said...

you really shouldn't be embarrassed by what paints you've been using, although now that you're using rembrandts, you'll have to raise your prices?