Monday, December 8, 2008

I have been having some kind of technical difficulty uploading photos from my computer onto my blog... so sorry. I know it has been a while since I have posted anything and that is why. There is an image in the slide show of a woman crouching down inside of a box with a clock above her. It is the painting I am currently working on and it is called "Hiding from Time". This painting is my way of taking something that I am struggling with and creating something beautiful out of it. Getting a grip on time is something that I always seem to be struggling with... there never seems to be enough of it. I literally feel like I am in a time warp. It reminds me of the part in the movie Groundhog Day when his alarm clock goes off day after day like there was no time passing in between. Like the woman in the painting I would like to just hide from time... stop these fleeting moments and soak in what seems to be passing me by.


rochelle said...

That is so true! There are so many moments that I wish I could just immerse myself in even more. Thank you for being able to illustrate how that feels!

Taunya said...

Wow. Just happened across your art from a friend of a friend's blog and it's amazing. They are intense and delicate and insanely good! Thank you- you made my day.

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

Great concept, Melissa. For me, it's not just the time during the day, it's Life's big clock that keeps tick, tock, ticking the years away.

LL said...

I am in AWE. I just spent a few minutes going through your blog, looking at your work. WOW!
You have such talent. Good for you, to be so successful with something you love so much!
Thanks for sharing these pieces with us.
Laura Day Lewis