Friday, February 20, 2009

These are detail shots from my new painting. I think it could be the sunlight... I think that it could simply be that tough times don't last forever... but lately I have been feeling so good. I just took four new paintings that I really like up to Coda which unfortunately are not yet on my website (still need to update photoshop). This last painting is once again my way of processing life. In my paintings I am able to express some of the things that I feel and can't seem to find any words for. I honestly believe that I became an artist out of necessity. It is my way of surviving life and finding extraordinary beauty in the midst of it all.

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rochelle said...

Melissa, I love the colors you chose; they are so beautiful. I think I feel the same way about preparing food. It makes me feel so good, especially when it comes out just the way I wanted it to. Your pictures show your quiet strength. Beautiful.