Wednesday, December 2, 2009

These are two new paintings I sent to Bonner David Gallery for their small works show. On the bottom piece "Afternoon with the Birds" came about almost by accident. I was having a hard time getting the mothers nose just the way I wanted it so I decided to put a mask like bird nose which then spurred the idea for the rest of the painting. I love these two little ladies and have to laugh at the difference in hair color between the mother and her daughter... which is the exact opposite of me and my girls.
I am currently experiencing some sort of artists block... I am wanting to paint something different or women in a different way only I am not sure what that is. Honestly, as important as moments like this are to my evolution as an artist, they scare me to death! Don't worry, I am so driven to create that I am sure I will come up with something soon.


justin said...

I was thinking that couch painting was BIG. that would be COOOL. you'll figure it out Meliss. its part of the story ya know? Just do some small small things until it comes and sketch it in your killer sketchbook and then BAM!!!! its on your easel. see ya when i see ya

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful Melissa, I love it! Mr Skooks showed me your gorgeous work today, you're just so talented!
Sheye xx

Elaine & Dan Duree said...

I love this painting!