Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Travis Tanner of Tanner Frames is the best! I just want to let him know how grateful I am that he caught my vision when I was picking frames for my show. Most of the frames are actually three moldings put together. I just got done with all of the frames this morning (right before I loaded them into my car to take to Coda) and they look beautiful. They are all made from Roma moldings and I want to thank the rep Travis works with for making it possible to frame my entire show in Roma. Travis, thank you for helping me out with my last minute emergencies and producing such quality work.

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maurerblog said...

Thanks so much for the invitation to your show. You know how much we would love to be there; I mean come on there will be cheese:) We just love your art so much. We can't wait until we will see you in August. I know that your show is going to be great I just wish I could be there to support you. Tell your beautiful girls hi for us. Love you!