Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It feels good to be creating again. This is a sketch I did of Aleah. Sometimes I am able to catch something in my sketchbook that becomes difficult for me to duplicate. I feel like this sketch captures something about the 9 year old version of her. I love the messy hair and freckles.
The painting is one of three plates I am doing for the "300 Plates" fundraiser at Art Access in May. Some of you may have noticed my current love affair with the color orange. Yes, it can be difficult to sell paintings of my girls. But if I am going to paint a little girl why should I try so hard not to paint my own who I intimately know every curve of their little faces, the colors of their skin, the flip of their hair.


crazyk said...

I love it. I just thought that I would check out your site again hoping that there would be something new for me to awe at. And there it was. You are great. Now you need to do more boys. Just because I have the 2 girls and love your work. I can see my own girls personalities in some of your paintings. I have the 2 boys and would love to see boys in your paintings as well. But I really don't care because I love everything that you do.
Love Kristin

maurerblog said...

I love this one. There is something that just captures your eyes. Also, I am a little infatuated with the freckles; I wonder why? I hope your doing well.

cami said...

Hey melissa! I just found your blog off of melanie's. thank you so much for inviting us to your show! I feel so bad that we could not come. I love looking at your paintings! You are so amazing! I miss you and your girls a ton! Next time you get together with kristen, I want to come! Hope to see you soon.

justin said...

you R amazing.

Morgan said...

I've just found your blog and am so completely in love with your work. Have you ever thought of selling prints on ETSY? I know you would do so incredibly well.

Very much looking forward to seeing what you create next (and I'd love to see some boy stuff, too : )

Los Angeles, CA

Emily Chaney Fine Art said...

Love, love, love, checking out your blog and seeing what you are up to! This picture definitely captures an essence of that age-is it a sweet shyness? I will be gone in May, so I am tempted to send a friend to get a plate! Maybe a big burly one, because it can get wild at the show. The sketch is beautiful as well...very free spirited.