Monday, April 21, 2008

My studio is finished! Ironically, it was finished over a week ago but in the transition I lost the cable to my camera so I couldn't download these photos. It feels so good and so different from before. My favorite part of my studio are the walls. I love Aleah and Eve's writing and drawings on the walls it really feels like a part of a painting. Finally, a studio that is me. Now I need to get to work!


maurerblog said...

It looks great! Did you get a lot of stuff from IKEA. It looks familiar any way. I love that store. I am glad that you have a new space to work in. I can't wait to see what amazing work comes out of the revamped studio.

Mark Robison said...

hi melissa,

i recently saw some of your paintings online. i thought your name sounded familiar, so i went through our artists file and found a sheet you had sent to us years ago. there was a pic of a girl sitting on the stoop of a brick building and also a pic of some rhinos.

your work is gorgeous. i need to go to park city to see some of your originals.


mark robison
friend magazine

Diana Clancy - An Artist's Wife said...

The studio looks great, I love the art work on the walls - young artists in training, very nice touch.

I also add my name to those looking forward to seeing the work that will be created in your new space.